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'A Real Nice Guy'
by: MusikMan

Raul Roxas came to the Philippines to become a recording artist.
I thought he was going to be a ballad pop singer but the song
I use to hear on the radio sounded very folk-like. He released
only one album and been working in London doing stage I believe.
He probably doesn't remember me but we talked on the phone several
times during my LA music days. This was way before e-mail became
the means to communicate. We talked alot about Philippine music
and his recordings he was working on. The way he talked reminded me
of Gary V. He's very soft speaking.

And we talked about the new female singing sensation making the waves
back home. He liked her voice too and hoped that he might meet her
someday. He thought it was cool to talk to someone who actually
got to met her. And that's a pretty ironic thing for him to say back then
because now he probably sees her more than anyone else outside her
family. Considering he's now married to that girl's younger sister. haha!
I really get a pleasant kick out of it.

As I like to say: "Always remember to be careful what you wish for.
It might come true."

Once I wished I would win the lottery. And one day I did.
All those tickets I bought and I win a grand-less prize of $10.00
So I added an extra rule to remember with making wishes.
Be sure to specify an amount as needed when making them.

And I should congratulate Raul someday for being able to hit
one of life's true jackpots- A loving family to care for.
It's good knowing It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Sometimes nice guys can come in first after all...

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Life can be rough on nice guys.

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