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Regine Velasquez

The Philippines


Let the numbers do the talking . . .


'R2K: The Concert' is most successful concert series 
for a Filipino artist in a non-holiday period . .ever. 
It sold out both it's dates
with more than 35,000 seats taken.

Though officially 'R2K: The Album' is reported to have sold 
more than 120,000 copies the real number was estimated 
to be more than 350,000 copies! (and climbing . .)

UPDATE-11/15/00 -600,000 PLUS+ (conservative estimate)
Meanwhile since that last report
(about 4 months ago) 
Regine's record company added another platinum-
for a total 160,000 copies sold . . only

Do the words 'what-a-rip' mean anything ?

R2k:The Album has not left the top 5 of several major
music charts since it first was released. That was  
than 11 months ago
! Meanwhile, a new album was 
released and her Christmas album had to be pushed 
to Christmas 2001. 

Regine has a presence  in 4 albums in the Top 20  
 all at the same time recently!  Outstanding . .

Regine is just about to release her 
2nd album in less than 3 months

Now get ready for what may be 
the best selling album 
of Regine's career 
for many years to come -
" L I V E "

This one's going to be the 'Monster' . .

Can Viva say the words-
" higher royalty percentage? "

Yes, that is in English. hehe..


- INTERESTING  IN-formation -
( Our 'Ya Don't Say' Section )


R2K: The Video was recalled throughout the country
when it was learned that it had a misprint. It wasn't
 the concert but her videos that came with 
the R2K CD and the making of those videos. 

Though Regine is considered the best live concert artist
not only in the Philippines but throughout Asia, BUT she has
never had any of her concerts officially released on Video.

ack in the early 90's Regine was mentioned as one of only
three artists
who can sound just as good live (if not better)
as she does on records. The other artists were Michael Bolton
and Barbra Streisand.  ( Note: M. Carey was not around yet. )


It is said that singer COCO LEE sold 
more than 6 million albums in Asia

We now have reason to believe 
that Regine's Asian releases
combined sold just as much

heard some of Regine's music

While REGINE was thought
to be copying
CAREY when
one of her videos was made
to paid tribute to
(One of Regine's idols.)
It's COCO who was called
'Mariah-be' by the press
for releasing an album that
  sounded definitely
CAREY is being
sued . .
for a song that
incredibly sounds like

REGINE's first Asian
number one song-

" In Love With You "

How you do like them apples . .


u n b e l i e v a b l e . .




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   those songs you're singing . .
thanks for all the joy
you're bringing- "

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