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Fan Day 1999
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 " F A N S'  D A Y "
( 1999 )

Regine Thanks Her Fans With a Free Concert
by Jocelyn Valle

REGINE VELASQUEZ can't forget her birthday celebration last year. Her fans,
or her friends, as she calls the loyal buyers of her records and concert
tickets, surprised her with a big party. "They were all there," she
recalls, smiling. "May mga kumanta at
saka meron ding nag-speech."

D r a w i n g s . . .

The songbird, however, can't remember a memorable token a fan has given to
her. "Maraming nagpapadala ng drawings, sketches, flowers, toys at saka
clowns," says Regine.

She also believes that she has more "closet" fans who don't miss her shows
and collect her albums, but they won't tell Regine about their devotion to

It's fine with her. That's why she doesn't impose any limitations when she
goes out, and people gawk at her and take pictures with her.

"I don't get to spend a lot of time with my friends (or fans)," rues
Regine. "Hindi nga ako nagpa-Fans' Day. I have my own way of telling them
how I appreciate their support. I like giving free concerts like the one I
did on Valentine's Day. It's my way of saying thank you to them."

And her fans are grateful for these shows. Mylene Leyba, 21, became a
certified Regine fan a few years ago when she watched "Isang Pasasalamat,"
a free concert at the UP Sunken Garden.

"Parati na akong nanonood ng TV para mapanood si Regine," says Mylene.
"Pero simula nang mapanood ko siya nang live, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na
parati na akong manonood ng concert niya."

These days, Mylene doesn't only watch her idol's shows, she also follows
Regine around along with her fellow fans--Nelda Hobfile˝a, Belen Rodriguez,
Chat Regondola, Wanda Bohol, Azenith Oliquiano, Kathy Oliquiano, April
Adame, Clarissa Argonsa, Boy Elano and France Villanueva. Collectively,
they are known as KNN, or Kayo Na Naman.

P e c u l i a r  N a m e . . .

"Kapag kasi nakikita kami ni Regine, sasabihin niya, 'Kayo na naman?'" they
explain about the peculiar name for their fan club. France adds that
although all of them have been seeing each other at Regine's shows for a
long time, it was only on May 1, 1998 that the group was formally
organized. "Guest si Regine noon sa Famas," Belen recalls. "At saka walo
lang kaming original members. Nadagdagan na lang kami ng bago."

Why do they like Regine? They reply with glee: "Magaling siyang
mag-perform, magaling din siyang mag-comedy. Maganda, pang-masa, hindi
sosyal, madali siyang hangaan."

"Simple lang siya kapag kasama niya kami," Nelda adds. "Parang hindi niya
kami fans. Hindi nga lang siya masalita. Pero OK lang basta makita lang
niya kami."

Mylene agrees: "'Yan nga ang problema. Mahiyain siya tapos nahihiya rin
kami sa kanya. Pero once na may nagsimulang magkwento, tuluy-tuloy na

G r a c i o u s n e s s . . .

The KNN members specially appreciated Regine's graciousness when she had a
show at the Westin hotel. "Pinapasok niya kami sa room niya," they chorus,
giggling. Sigawan kami kasi hindi namin akalain na makakapasok kami doon.
Nagkwentuhan kami kasama si Regine."

Another memorable experience for the group is the shooting of "Dahil May
Isang Ikaw," Regine's movie opposite Aga Muhlach, in Ternate, Cavite.
"Hindi namin alam na napakalayo pala noon," they relate. "Puro bangin pa
ang dinaanan namin. Nakisakay lang kami sa sasakyan ng tatlong lalaki na
hindi namin kilala.

"Ala-una na kami nakarating sa location tapos exclusive resort pa yun pero
nakapasok pa rin kami. Ang sabi lang namin sa guard, staff kami ng Viva

T h r i l l e d . . .

Nelda considers their trip to La Union, where Regine had a concert last
year, equally unforgettable. This time, they didn't get lost--they were
with the Velasquez family. "Kasama kami pati sa kainan," she recalls,
visibly thrilled.

And except for Regine's very first recording, KNN has all of her albums.
Their favorite Regine songs are "Narito Ako," "Sana Maulit Muli," "You Are
My Song," and "Goodbye." But France observes, "Wala namang hindi maganda sa
mga kanta ni Regine!"

Moreover, they monitor Regine's TV guestings and they are, of course, avid
viewers of Channel 7's "S.O.P.," where Regine is a regular host. They also
have a scrapbook each of newspaper and magazine clippings about their
favorite singer-actress. Whether good or bad, they read everything that is
written about Regine. "Tapos pupunitin 'yung bad write-ups," laughs Belen
as France jokingly offers, "O kaya tatanungin namin ang telephone number ng

But they clarify that they are peace-loving people. "Hindi kami
nakikipag-away," they aver. "Pero kapag grabe na, sumasagot na kami.
S'yempre, hindi pwedeng ganun-ganun na lang."

I n c i d e n t . . .

"Hagisan ba ng popcorn?" asks Mylene, referring to a particular incident.
Belen retorts, "Hindi naman nila kilala 'yung tao para pagsabihan nila ng

Needless to say, KNN is very proud to be Regine's fans. And they enjoy
being present wherever she is. "Minsan," says Kathy, "nasa gate lang kami
ng bahay nina Regine, nagkukwentuhan. Kahit hindi namin siya makita, OK
lang basta't alam namin na nand'yan siya."

They are grateful, to Regine's household--from her dad, Mang Gerry, to
sister Decca, down to the maids--for the warm reception. They don't have
any problems with their respective families, either. Their parents and
siblings understand how devoted they are to Regine.

Well, it helps that they don't forget their studies (Mylene, Azenith, April
and Boy still go to school) and jobs (Belen works in a market; Chat is a
nurse; Wanda is a secretary; Kathy is a telephone operator; Clarissa is an
accountant; and France works as a cashier).

Their wish for Regine? "Sana maging international star siya--at sana
mag-asawa na siya!" they shriek in unison.


" That Was Some Party "
by MusicMan

She proved without a doubt where her heart is. I didn't think she could sit
there for 7 straight hours and not show any signs of being tired or worst..bored.
Didn't see her yawn once or get up to walk around. She was there up front, awake
and definitely paying attention to the show in her honor. Which was actually
boring to me death. I honestly fell asleep several times waiting for our singer
to get her chance to sing.
(We bought Music Man Bong's sister along.)

Finally when Regine got on stage to do some songs it was like she just walked
out of the shower. No, she wasn't naked. It was like she was all refreshed.
After 6 hours of that show and fans and imitators singing the same songs over
and over and ...
I was happy to see she wasn't fazed one bit. (The most popular song performed
was 'You made Me Stronger.')
No surprise there since it was the easiest and
safest song to sing. Our singer went for broke and sang "What Kind Of Fool I'am."
And personally I thought she was being foolish since the last time she sang it
was on Channel 3
(Angeles City) and she sounded too nervous in her voice. But
here she did pretty good. But she didn't win any of the prizes. The flashy gays
took it all. And rightly so if you considered how much trouble they went through
to look and sound like Regine.

As usual Regine was one of the last people to leave the show again. Not like the
other divas I've watched who are usual the first ones to make like a tree and leave.
Regine being the super trooper she is hung around to make sure everyone who wanted
her to sign their poster or scrapbook got their chance.

But I have to disagree with calling it 'Fans' Day' because from what I saw it
really wasn't a day just for her fans. It was a day for her. She more than anyone
else was enjoying it. And it showed.

M u s i c M a n

" She's Ready, But Are We? "
by: Musik Man  

When Regine mentioned some fans came all the way from Tarlac, Pampanga,
I don't think she had any clue she was talking about us & our singer. Well, our
singer rode down to Angeles. Then we took several tricycles & a bus (from hell)
to get there. It was my bright idea to do that and not drive because of the
troubles of driving there. But I'll never do that again. Though I got exhausted
getting there the moment Regine took center stage near the end to sing I
found myself wide awake and full of amazement. A major concert can have
a lot of 'effects' to make an artist sound good but there at that gym she
never sounded better to me. It's been several years since I seen her
'live & clear' and right away I noticed the improvement from incredible to
practically perfection. If there's any doubt left about her being good
enough to start performing in the U.S. in front of American audiences sure
ended that night. There's alot to consider before anyone can say a singer
has it or can handle it or can do it. Very rare you can go to the point of only
asking "when" can the artist do it. So let me clarify that again for music fans-
It isn't a question anymore "if" Regine can. It's now just a question of "when".
That may be the only thing I'm good at seeing 100 & ten percent of the time.

-Music Editorial


Midi song playing : " Look What You Done " by : BREAD
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