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R2K Article
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This was one of the most triumphant moments of her career.
Contrary to her fears, the venue was filled, and the show
was successful. It was a triumphant for her-
both as a concert star and as a director.


" It was my baby, and I was very happy with the turnout.
I was very tense and pressured, but it all turned out
for the best."

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" She recently held a highly successful concert at the biggest concert venue
in the country. To those who came to watch her, it was a musical triumph
as always because of her prowess in singing that is never questioned. It
was unique, the numbers that spoke only of how much money her production
burnt for the project-proof that she really is the babe behind the doors of
the outfit and thus, the envy of all other talents within the same fence. "

                            -newspaper concert review

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She certainly caught everyone's attention this time . . .

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Midi song playing : " Top Of The World "