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She's gone everywhere
Traveled half the world it seems
Carnegie Hall? She's been there -
And she sang for kings & queens
She got a lot to live for
They labeled her a superstar
She wears the latest clothes and fashion
Even drives the latest car

Yes, her name is Regine
But Regine's not her name
She will always love you
She will never change
She may have all the things
She ask for it's true
But there are some things
That only true love can do

Her fans think of her
In every love song they hear
They wonder if in fact
This is going to be her year
Had it been another place and time
Her name would be all over the world
But if fate was being unkind
At least she's still our girl

And her name is Regine
Regine one and the same
We will always love you
We will never change -

If we could have just one
of our few wishes come true
It would be to see
good things come to you -

So I pray to God
to always be blessing you . .

Poem by : Music Friend             

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