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The Making..
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The Making of the . .

Regine Velasquez Picture Bin


A Regine movie in the making? How about a Regine web page in the making? 
In the next few weeks you'll see us transferring all the material from the old
picture bin into this new area with new yet familiar features. We'll be sharing 
how it was done in hopes some fans will learn and follow. Hint: Like make your
own Regine web site too. Be sure to borrow a few from ours. ( That way I can take
a few from your also. hehe..)

You like some of our web sites?
Like to make one of your own?
Don't have time? Who does . .

There was ways to make things happen
and in the fastest time possible. And 
have time to have a 'life' too. hehe . .


The Band Room be passing along some of the tips
Jun has discovered or learned while he was in charge 
of making some of our web pages. Tips to doing things
faster that even baffled a few experts we know. And
what to use, what to have to make the experience
as painless and time consuming as possible. 

I can tell you right off that the simple 'note pad'
is one of the best pals there is. Though the other
webbers use their Microsoft Word, Excel or similar
type programs to do the same thing even better, 
our key word is 'speed.' Extra opened programs can
show things down. But the 'note pad' is always open
and ready for work with us. 

Know your subject. Music is everyone's second nature
here. But with our new InsideBuzz for Angeles there's
going to be a need for alot of researching to be done.
Alot of productive time will be killed for it. But it
was agreed to be worth the effort if we're able to be
useful in promoting our home town - Angeles City

Pick the right program for you to work with. But if you're
going to learn anything much from us then get what we're using-
Microsoft Front Page '98 & 2000. Should be phasing out any
of the old sites we used FP'98 for and update them with FP2000 
in a few months. So try to stick with FP2000. It loads 'FAST'

Only the program will cost you. Believe it or not everything else
we used are the cheapest and easiest ways to do what is used in
our web sites. 

I hope the information that we'll be presenting will be helpful
to fans and inspire them to make a Regine web site of their own.

Contains more than 1,000 combined items.
More than 150 assorted pictures so far.
More than 75 different files or 'pages'
Close to 60 specially selected midis.
About 40-50 cool animated gifs on site.
Maybe 30 original Rib-tickling one-liners
Tracking over 8 Megabits of web space.
And one incredible Song Bird on top 
of the entire musical web site.


O U R  P R O G R A M S  :

    Microsoft FRONT PAGE 2000

The Print Shop Deluxe 6.0

Microsoft Outlook Express / Eudora Light 3.0

JAVA Elements ( coming up into our site )

SHOCK Elements ( my first one is in the 'links' area )

Microsoft NotePad

Unbelievable but true -
I don't use or have any kind of image enhancing 
programs except what Front Page does. Which isn't much.

Regine Wallpapers were made by other Regine fans.
I just provided them the material and some cases an idea.
Which is what I'm told I'm really good at. Great ideas.

And the best tool of all is  . . .


Anyone know what this program is? 
This web man's best help!
You got something like this 
and half the job is much easily
accessible and fast to work with.