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Life Song
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The Best singer in 
Philippines Pops music 
is also the most popular .. 
the most loved ..
and the most consistent 
hit song maker today

And I'll be 
a brown monkey's uncle
if she also isn't the biggest 
movie actress around too!

How do you like them bananas?

U n b e l i e v a b l e.


She's no Cinderella
She's a real-life 
Julia Roberts

I seen Stars and I seen Superstars . .
And of course you have too- 
But only till Regine did I see
one in the best sense of the word.

Yet she's still very much
the girl next door.
Still humble in her ways

probably still wondering
what the fuzz is all about. 

No need to sell, push or hype ..
No need for the love-team, 
song-team or dream team . . 
No need for a manager. 
record producer, concert
director, hair stylist 
or make-up person.

Just a wire-less microphone
a box of chocolates
and of course, flowers
and she's good to go!

Because this girl 
with the Pentium voice
and platinum- filled career
comes with all the 
options installed.
With the batteries
built-in rechargeable 

A 16-piece band
is only an option


This web site needs a good short Regine Biography.
The ones that are on line are in every site already
and it needed to be updated anyway. So I'm asking for
any Regine Fan to help out and contribute one that we
can use. Several web portals are asking also. You'll
be given the credit for it
( It'll be edited by MMRob )

And the pleasure of seeing it posted with your name on
it. Leave out the part about of her home planet with a
red sun exploding please.
She Ain't a cartoon. hehe..
( Just once drawn as one )


Pick -up from a on-line web store for OPM Music.

Real Name: Regina Encarnacion Velasquez

Nick name:

April 22, 1970

Balagtas, Bulacan

Father's name:
Gerry Velasquez

Mother's Name:
Teresita Encarnacion

1 brother (Jojo) and 3 sisters (Cacai - mirror image, Diane or
Yayan, and Deca)

No. of contests joined:
200; won about 67
Manager: Herself

Major career boost:
Asia Pacific Singing Contest in HongKong, 1989 where she
won the grand prize

Fave food:
"Adobo" (chicken, vegetables, etc. as long as it's "Adobo")

Fave movie:
Pretty Woman, Charlie's Angels

Special skills:
Hand painting, drawing, memorizing songs, able to work with different people with different backgrounds, able to make an audience feel like part of her shows, managerial skills, directing skills

sketching, trying on clothes and putting make-up

Idol singers:
Barbara Streisand, Bjork and Tori Amos, Barry Manilow 

Major crush:
Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt

Idea of a perfect date:
Mel in a theme park or a carnival to show off her
"catch" to the people. 


"Regine" (platinum record award, over 40,000 copies sold), "Regine Special Edition" (double platinum award, over 80,000 copies sold), "Nineteen '90" (triple- platinum award), "Talagang Talaga (platinum record award), "Reason Enough" (2x platinum award), and "Love Was Born on Christmas Day" 2X platinum, Regine's "Retro" isn't a sure amount but it is believed to have sold more than 350,000 copies. Plus: the still on-count multi-platinum 'R2K' at more than 500,000 copies sold and the 
"Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" Soundtrack is 2x and climbing. Now the new "LIVE" is already platinum plus as it opened at no.1 on every music chart in the Philippines.


The Untouchables
Pik Pak Boom
Elvis and James 2
Wanted: Perfect Mother
Do Re Mi
Honey, Nasa Langit na ba Ako? (Honey, Am I in Heaven Now?)
Kilangan Ko'y Ikaw-the biggest grossing movie of 2000


Narito Ako
A Song For You
Music and Me
Retro (all held at the Folk Arts Theatre)
R2K: At the Dome (2 days-17,000 seats sold-out! 

Duty Free's Anti-Drug Campaign

Kenkoy Loves Rosing
Noli Me Tangere


Regine Velasquez grew up in a musically-oriented family in Balagtas, Bulacan. 
She joined and won her 1st amateur singing contest at the age of six, singing "Buhat", a Rico Puno song. 
It was in the year 1984 when Regine joined an amateur singing contest in nearby Baliwag. One of the prizes
was a slot television show, "Ang Bagong Kampeon". For 8 consecutive weeks, she was "Kampeon", 
and this automatically qualified her for the grand finals. "In your Eyes" by George Benson was her winning song. 
She was then signed to a recording contract with Octo Arts International, originally using her nickname "Chona."
She recorded a single entitled "Love Me Again" but the song, and Chona, didn't make it into mainstream. 

Pops Fernandez, who had seen her perform, recommended her to appear in "Penthouse Live". 
The executive producer of the show, offered to manage her. He changed her stage name to Regine
 and had arranged for her additional voice lessons and performance workshops from director Freddie Santos. 
Her first solo concert was at the Manila Midtown Hotel, "Regine at 17", produced by Kuh Ledesma. 

Her debut album went platinum. Her more famous songs include "Urong-sulong," "Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang," 
"Love me Again," "Narito Ako," "Promdi" and "Please be Careful with my Heart," a duet with Jose M. Chan.
Regine has also had a regular television show, and has appeared in movies and various commercials. 

She bagged the Grand Prize in the Asia Pacific Singing Contest held in Hong Kong. She has also sung duets 
with Paul Anka and Jacky Cheung. The title given to her is Asia's Songbird. Viva calls her their Platinum diva.
MusicMan calls her the new OPM Superstar.

She had a successful 2-nite show called 'R2K the concert' last year. 

Regine had successfully released a soundtrack for her movie "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw." 
And a live album called Regine "LIVE."


That was just a warm-up     Where's my mic ?