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R2K Dresses
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R2K Dresses 2 ]


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- M a n n e q u i n -

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hmmm . . .     I LIKE IT!

Officer to Regine :
The reason we pulled you over miss was because
your eh...uh...'headlights' were reflecting sunlight
into the on-coming traffic.
Yeah, that's it!

I should also write you up for having an excessive
side opening to your dress and for walking around
in a public forum barefooted!

But 2 tickets to the show tonight gets you off with
just a warning this time. Sign them please... hehe

chromewte.gif (4187 bytes)




diva1 (resized).jpg (69421 bytes)

OK, Regine clone no. 1 has just finished
the first half of the show.
Let's move the other Regine clone into place now...

( So that's how she's always fresh
and never tires throughout her concerts. )

chromewte.gif (4187 bytes)



model_rv4 (resized).jpg (75693 bytes)

After reading the top info you realize that Regine
is basically wearing 'junk'! Man, she still looks good.
How does she do it?
She may not be working as a model
but she really has the model potential. Hello-


recycle.gif (4939 bytes)

You can't say Regine doesn't help promote recycling.    hehe..

recycler.gif (2260 bytes)

        Midi Playing: " Amanda "    


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