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There is no doubt Regine Velasquez is the country's number one female singer, not to mention the best vocalist, which is why she came to be known as Asia's Songbird. After 14 albums in her lustrous 15-year career, she's releasing a live album which contains her staggering rendition of timeless classics. "Regine: Live Songbird Sings the Classics" is released by Viva records and was taken from her successful "Songbird Sings The Classics" concert at the Westin Philippine Plaza two months ago with musical direction of Gerard Salonga. Among the gems that Regine rendered with her cynosure performance are "Sometime Somewhere," "Autumn Leaves," "Run to You," "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life," a Basil Valdez medley, a Barry Manilow medley and a Henry Manicini medley. The first track is never more appropriate, Barbra Streisand's "Songbird." This album is testimony to Regine's unquestionable artistry and her ability to deliver a myriad of emotions through songs that can withstand the dictates of time.