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So DIGITAL . . Did you give Regine a complimentary telephone?
Now what would that phone number be? hehe..
Hey, with PLDT you can text. So how about you guys . .


Anyone  care for a Regine calendar?






Hey, lookie at Regine's fab dress! ILIKEIT! 

and 'G' looks interestingly nice too!





Cool Regine Stuff !

I seen this picture of this cool cel phone
but since I didn't have a text phone at the time
I didn't care. But I seen from a post that Regine
reacted happily when she first saw it. Probably thought
it was cool. Hmm, I wonder if she had one put into her phone?

Anyway, we got our own official text phone for Christmas. 
Our hot line. And yeah, I like to put that Regine logo 
in my phone too.

We got a text message thingy going on for Regine fans.
If you want to get texted when this web site gets updated
then go to
Regine's Interactive Board for the information. 




This Regine calendar was pretty cool too.



The web site below has a small Regine Velasquez page. 
Click to the Diva Singers in the photo section.