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                      REGINE'S Movie PREMIERE . . 

Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw : The Story

Francine Natra (Regine) is starting to feel the toll of stardom. Longing to live an ordinary life, her popularity and hectic schedule hinders her from enjoying the simple treats of life. Because he felt cheated of his prize in the "Date with a Star." Promo where he supposedly won a date with her, Gimo (Robin) kidnaps Francine. Being candid as he is, Gimo allows the singing sensation to take pleasure in living the ordinary life—which Francine later realizes she’s been missing. In fact she’s willing to give up to her career not just to go back to ordinary life but also to live it with the special man who addresses her complexities.


Regine fans lining up to see the movie's premiere . .

Fans getting a free copy of 'YES' before the movie . .



Being greeted and interviewed on their way in . .

Regine and Robin checking out their magazine . .



An action star with his singing wife.

Raul and Regine's sister -Cacai


T h e   M a i n   S t a r s

Songbird & Robin